The Rewind is very spacious, with 90 cm height, yet retains all of the massage and therapy functions. In addition to a nice variety of 56 high-performance massage jets, the Rewind includes Hybrid Heating, Led Lights, BioLok, Energy Effcient Filtration Pump, Ozone Generation, Aromatherapy, Soft Air Massage System, Walk-on Cover and soft head rests… everything the Pure Collection is famous for!

    • Size: 204 cm x 204 cm x 90 cm
    • Total number of jets: 56
    • Number of persons: 7


    The Dream is a one-piece molded spa that is designed for durability and comfort. The soft, pleasing contours of the Dream are both attractive and functional, creating comfortable seating for up to 5 people.

      • Size: 208 cm x 208 cm x 76 cm
      • Total number of jets: 20
      • Number of persons: 5


      The Renew is the ideal spa for small spaces. This 3-person spa provides maximum comfort and performance in a small spa. You can sit or recline in seats ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Spas incorporate high-performance massage jets that can be adjusted to create your own personal massage experience. Every jet performs a specific hydrotherapy function for maximum relaxation and therapeutic benefit.

        • Size: 204 cm x 158 cm x 83 cm
        • Total number of jets: 34
        • Number of persons: 3


        One of our most popular spas, the Refresh is a spacious 5-person spa combining bench, bucket and lounge seating. Seat configuration and jet placements were designed with recommendations from a physical therapist, providing maximum therapeutic benefit and comfort.

          • Size: 204 cm x 204 cm x 85 cm
          • Total number of jets: 34
          • Number of persons: 5

          SPA RELAX

          With three bucket seats and two full-size loungers, the Relax Spa is an optimal choice for spending time with family and friends. The loungers have been designed to provide additional lumbar support. Also the loungers have different heights to accommodate individuals of various lengths, making it comfortable for everyone to use.

            • Size: 204 cm x 204 cm x 85 cm
            • Total number of jets: 32
            • Number of persons: 5


            SPA REPOSE

              • Size: 254 x 204 x 85
              • Total number of jets: 60
              • Number of persons: 6


              The Pure SPA pools offered to your attention are ideal if you need to relieve stress and fatigue. The multifunctionality of the devices and ease of control allow you to set the desired massage program with just a couple of keystrokes.

              Pure SPA pools are an ergonomic shape, soft lighting and gentle massage of gentle water jets. This is an opportunity to create a mood and escape from the worries of a hard working day.