• Size: 230 cm x 155 cm x 91 cm
    • Total number of jets: 60
    • Number of persons: 3


      • Size: 213 cm x 213 cm x 91 cm
      • Total number of jets: 70
      • Number of persons: 5


        • Size: 230 cm x 230 cm x 90 cm
        • Total number of jets: 95
        • Number of persons: 4


          • Size: 305 cm x 228 cm x 91 cm
          • Total number of jets: 120
          • Number of persons: 7

          THEATER SPA

            • Size: 380 cm x 228 cm x 116 cm
            • Total number of jets: 126
            • Number of persons: 8


            SPA pools Exclusive

            Spa hot tubs, massage spas are an important element of the modern pool. Today, you must not be a client of a luxury SPA center or have a subscription to a specialized beauty salon in order to appreciate all the benefits of a high-quality hydromassage.

            Offered SPA pools of the Exclusive series will be an excellent addition to the relaxation zone and the beach area. You can use them as an addition to bath procedures or as a part of the main pool.

            The benefits of hydromassage procedures have  been proven long ago; regular spa therapy:

            • helps to stimulate blood circulation;
            • allows you to saturate the cells of the body with active oxygen;
            • helps to remove toxins from the body;
            • helps to burn extra calories (if you want to lose weight, there is simply no more pleasant way);
            • kneads muscles, makes the skin more firm and elastic.

            After taking a high-quality hydromassage, you will feel “reborn”: a surge of strength and brain activity are provided for several days, which is important for hard physical and mental work.Favorit specialists are always ready to help determine the choice of a particular model of equipment. We will answer your questions and advice if necessary.